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I created Infin8e Counseling Connections LLC to share the journey of healing and recovery. People are complex and diverse and to support client's, I have developed an approach to therapy services that allows the client to reclaim, learn, adapt, and/or change their life for their best possible outcome. My therapeutic approach is direct, solution based, goal-oriented, fun, and motivational. I share tools and tips for a lifetime of support and recovery and not for a temporary setting. I offer a mixture of modalities to support the therapy needs of the client(s). Throughout your journey with me, you will receive support that gets you the results you desire. With my qualifying statement, "If you do the work, it will work." Have a great day on Purpose and a even better week because you choose it. The emphasis is on your choices.

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Henrietta "Natashya"  Slaffey
Licensed Clinical Social Worker LSCSW

 Master Social Worker LMSW

Certified Grant Writer

Sex Therapist-PhD Clinical Sexology Student

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